Financing your house

Buying a house is the biggest purchase a person can make. It entails making a lot of choices you have to make as a buyer. This matter involves multiple Rabobank advisers for the financing, and a project notary for the mortgage deed and transfer deed.

Calculate your mortgage yourself

Everything screams it. You want that one house. Because we will communicate the (preliminary) prices, you can prepare for buying your dream home at an early stage. Through the Rabo Mortgage calculator, among other things, you will gain insight into whether or not your house is within your grasp based on your income.

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During the buying process, you will, in general, have two consultations regarding the financing of your dream home. The first is an exploratory meeting, the other leads to an official mortgage application. The exploratory meeting often takes place right before the purchase of the house and gives you more insight into the possibilities. You will have the other meeting after signing the purchase agreement. In this meeting, all data will be requested and entered definitively. You will also choose the mortgage type and mortgage term based on the advice.


Mortgage application

You have signed the purchase agreement and have insight into your full financing needs. It is now time to complete the financing. If you continued with Rabobank, then you can enter the final data in the Rabo Mortgage File. It saves significantly on consultancy fees.

Naturally, you can go to any mortgage provider of your choice. Compare the conditions per provider carefully and select a financing form that fits you. In the end, you will receive a mortgage offer that you can accept. A signed mortgage offer from the Rabobank has a validity of a maximum of one year.

Financing approved

Congratulations! When financing is approved, and you approved the offer, then nothing will stand between you and a new future. There will most likely be a number of conditions in the purchasing agreement. Apart from the financing, the environmental permit must be in order and about 70% of all houses in the phase in which you are buying a house must be sold. These conditions can differ per agreement. The moment all conditions have been met, you can go see the notary.

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To the notary

If the financing is complete and the suspensive conditions from the purchasing agreement have expired, then you can see the notary to sign the transfer deed and the mortgage deed. An important moment, because when you walk out the notary's door, you will be the owner of a piece of land and the house that will be built on that land. We often choose a project notary who handles all contracts for that project. Apart from discussing the house, the notary can also officiate other matters. Many couples often choose to draw up a Last Will or Cohabitation Agreement.

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